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Get Fit Newsletter 7 February, 2016
Dear Get Fit members,

Did you open up the last email we sent on 2/3 about your birthday present during your birthdya month? We hope so...we have a gift for you!
We also met recently and are working on our next Lose It 2 Cure It contest. Kickoff will be on 3/13. More details coming!

Have an amazing weekend!

Your Friends in Fitness,

Lisa, Nancy & Karen
7 Reasons to Hit the Gym/Workout in the AM
For a rare few, mornings are the best time of the day. The birds are chirping, the sun is rising, and this the new day is invigorating. For the rest of the world, however, pushing out of bed and into the world of consciousness is no easy task. However, if you’ve wanted to take your lifestyle to the next level of healthiness, the snooze button needs to go.

Wondering why you should kick your snooze button to the curb and get to the gym first thing in the morning? Here are 7 solid reasons…..(Now if you are have a great routine at any other time, don't change it! People ask us all the time when is the best time to workout...and our response is, whenever you are more likely to do it! The idea is to get into a routine!)

Reason #1 To Hit The Gym in the AM: You’re in a Healthy Headspace

When the first thing you do with your day is exercise, it does something to your mental state. Instead of thoughtlessly taking a bite of high-carb, high-sugar, low-energy food during the day, you’re very conscious about what you put into your body. After all, you woke up early to get this body in tip-top shape. No reason to waste your early-morning routine. On top of better food choices, you’re more likely to find opportunities to take a quick walk during the day when you start your day out right.

Reason #2 To Hit The Gym in the AM: You’ll Need Less Caffeine

Feel like you spend most of your day traveling from your desk to the coffee machine? Get up earlier and work out and watch your need for liquid energy decrease. Sure, you may still enjoy a cup or two—you may even need a cup on the way to the gym, but hitting the gym early in the morning will give you an added boost of energy and mental clarity without caffeine.

Reason #3 To Hit The Gym in the AM: You’ll Have Privacy

Spend much time working out at lunchtime, and you know how frustrating it is to wait around for a weight machine or treadmill. Want to use every minute in the gym to push your body to its limit? Then stop waiting for the bench by getting in when everyone else is fast asleep. As an added perk, you won’t have to avoid that guy who always wants to talk when you’re trying to focus on your next rep. He’ll be in dreamland, far away from the gym.

Reason #4 To Hit The Gym in the AM: You’re Ready for Work

On top of being more health-minded, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident after an early-morning workout. Big client flying in for a meeting? No problem. You just conquered a pre-dawn workout, showered all your sweat off, and ate a healthy, protein-rich breakfast. That little meeting is no problem, so bring it on!

Reason #5 To Hit The Gym in the AM: Nighttime Is Your Time

When Friday rolls around, your family and friends aren’t always understanding of your workout routines. They beg and they plead with you to skip your workout (just this once!) so you can join them for a party or a night on the town. Eventually, you’re guilted into doing as they wish. Put together enough of those non-exercise evenings and your commitment is in trouble. Hit the gym early in the morning, on the other hand, and you can have your workout and be social in the evenings, too!

Reason #6 To Hit The Gym in the AM: You’ll Stick with It

Nighttime fun isn’t the only reason you skip exercise. In fact, more often than not, a late night at the office or taking the kids to soccer practice does in your routine. So if you want to meet your goals in the gym, get started on your routine in the morning, before your day gets started.

Reason #7 To Hit The Gym in the AM: Your Body Thanks You

There are a lot of things that have to go right in your body to feel well and perform at your peak. You can help regulate a number of these processes by waking up at the same time each day and working out early. In fact, even if you’re not a morning person right now, within a few weeks of exercising in the morning, you will likely find yourself waking up earlier and feeling energized every day of the week, which enables you to do well at the gym or—on your off days, have fruitful mornings even away from the gym.

Call or email us today to find out what morning times we have available – let’s get you into the best shape of your life together! (And check out the quick 6 min cardio workout in the Itsy Bitsy workout session to get you started!)
Don’t Forget Energy
On top of all these perks to early morning exercise, one of the biggest is that it jumpstarts your energy. Exercise early and you can enjoy a rise in your metabolism, energy, and fat burning that will last until your lunch hour and beyond!
Easy Gluten-Free Pancakes
This recipe is a wonderful option for a weekend breakfast – it’s healthy, delicious and ready in 20 minutes. These pancakes are gluten-free and are lower in carbs and sugar than pancakes made from a packaged mix. Serve with a side of eggs and fresh fruit.

Yield: 10 pancakes

Here’s what you need…
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup coconut sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon almond extract
  • 1½ cups blanched almond flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • coconut oil
  1. Combine the mashed banana, eggs, coconut sugar, vanilla and almond extracts in a food processor. Add the flour, soda and salt. Mix well. Let the batter sit for 15 minutes.
  2. Preheat coconut oil on your griddle over medium heat. Ladle pancake batter by ¼ cup onto griddle. When bubbles form, flip the pancakes to cook other side.
  3. Serve with sliced banana and pure maple syrup. Enjoy!
Nutritional Analysis: One pancake equals: 148 calories, 9g fat, 8g carbohydrate, 3g fiber, and 4g protein.

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Blog: My Running Story

Blissing Out at the Finish Line!

“When you cross the finish line, your life will change forever.” -Unknown

Crossing a finish line is one of the most amazing feelings! It’s one of the reasons I love being a running coach as there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone work their butt off for any event and cross that finish line!

I’ve had some incredible finish line experiences but I have to admit, yesterday was one of the most amazing finish lines I experienced for a few reasons:
  1. I signed up for the Inaugural Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon awhile back withStartline Racing (very well run event!). I first heard about it via Team RWB(more below!). We used to have the Women’s Half here and I used to be an Ambassador. I love women races as there is so much comraderie and different energy. I believe last week was my longest training week ever as far as running. My 50 Mile Training calendar called for 60 miles this week.
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Lisa Pozzoni

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Itsy Bitsy Workout

Wake Up Call Cardio Workout - Calorie Burning Warm Up Cardio for Energy

A little physical activity goes a long way, and it can be more effective than a cup of coffee or any other source of caffeine when it comes to providing a wake up call of an energy boost at points of the day when you're feeling sluggish.
Quick bouts of activity are a win win situation; you get to clear your head briefly, lower your stress levels, burn off a few extra calories, get your blood circulating, and end up with a boost in energy and focus. Study after study has shown that exercise makes for more productive and healthy employees - just think of what you can do when you harness and utilize that advantage in your own personal and professional life.


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Friends 4 Fitness Magazine Articles
Happy Peeps
You are very knowledgeable about the Chi Running style and organize it into easy to understand cues to help us on our way! I know that can be difficult as people struggle in their body awareness. This is actually the first time my running form has been broken down on film! I always knew I had something weird going on, but it is hard to figure out without video. I am going to ask around the clinic to see if we can further narrow down what is going on with that L leg!

What did you like most about the class?
EVERYTHING! It was very refreshing to learn an actual style of running instead of just running as it is hard to critique yourself.
What did you like least?
I honestly cannot think of anything. You covered all bases, gave everyone a fair amount of attention, and I think helped every single person on their journey to becoming a better runner.
What would you like to spend more time on?
I think it would be cool to do video analysis after the course to compare.
What did we spend too much time on?
Nothing, it is a fast paced class packed full of useful information.
Karl Burris PT, DPT, Class of 9/28/15

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