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Get Fit Newsletter 28 June, 2015
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9 Ways to Burn More Fat—Faster

Unwanted fat slows you down and makes you feel less confident. Fortunately, if you take the right steps, you can burn off pounds of fat faster than you ever imagined.

How can you get started on this mission? With these nine fat-burning tips...

Fat Burn Tip #1: Hit the Weights: Losing weight is always a good idea. Unless you’re losing so much you’re also burning off muscle. By adding weight training into your routine, you’ll ensure your muscle is here to stay.

As an added perk, muscle burns more fat faster, and you burn more fat and burn it for longer after an intense weight-lifting session than you would with just cardio.

Fat Burn Tip #2: Run like Crazy: You’ve got to want it, but if you’re willing to sprint 100 yards 10 times in a row, you’ll melt away about 500 calories from your waistline. That’s a Big Mac or two Snickers bars you just burned off! Do that a few days a week and you’ll have a new body in no time. (of course, watching form is crucial if you are new to running.)

Fat Burn Tip #3: Down the Green: It may seem odd that drinking unsweetened green tea can help you burn fat, but try a glass of it after working out. Not only does it taste good, but it will cause your love handles to fall off your sides faster.

Fat Burn Tip #4: Work Out Early: Like everyone else in the world, you’ve got a lot to do in the day. Imagine if you could get to the gym or run a few miles before it all gets started? By hitting your routine when you first wake up, before you even eat breakfast, your body will burn fat like there’s no tomorrow! (keep in mind that evening is better than nothing! The reason morning is better is because you get it done...there could be many "reasons" that you can come up with to not do one after a long day of work)

Fat Burn Tip #5: Go to Sleep: Just because you’re awake doesn’t mean you’re doing good things for your body. Live in a constant state of sleep deprivation and you won’t be able to work out as hard as you should, and you’ll likely wind up making poor food and drink choices—especially late at night.

Fat Burn Tip #6: Stop Sitting: Working a desk job is no excuse to stay on your backside all day. Need to talk with a coworker? Leave the email and phone alone and get up and talk with your coworker face to face. Then take a quick walk during lunchtime to rejuvenate yourself and power up for the rest of the day. Making activity part of your lifestyle will go a long way toward shaving off pounds faster!

Fat Burn Tip #7: Wait for Seconds: Your instinct may tell you to grab a second helping of meat and potatoes as soon as round one is over. But if you want to burn off fat, give yourself 20 minutes after eating your first plate to let your brain catch up to your stomach. Most likely, you’ll feel full after that amount of time and will avoid adding unnecessary calories you’ll just have to burn off later.

Fat Burn Tip #8: Add Ice: Want to burn more fat faster, without even trying? Then stop drinking room-temperature water. Instead, drop some ice into your water and drink it when it’s nice and cold. It may seem like an old wives’ tale, but drinking cold water has been proven to force your body to burn calories in order to warm the water to body temperature.

Fat Burn Tip #9: Go for Lean Protein: You want to burn fat, and protein makes it possible. How? By helping to boost your metabolism and build more fat-burning muscle. So grab a chicken breast and a spoon of peanut butter to give your body the upper hand against forcing fat far, far away!

Call or email now any of us for more information on how we can help you!
How to LOVE Exercise
Here’s how to turn something that you’ve dreaded into something you enjoy…

1) Block the Negative: Your thoughts play a big part in determining your favorite things. Block out any negative thoughts you may have about exercise. Focus your energy on creating a positive attitude that will get you excited about hitting the gym, rather than dreading it.

2) Focus on the Benefits: With exercise you have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Exercise makes you stronger, sexier, happier, and gives you more energy. Pick the benefit that moves you the most and fixate on it.

3) Get Guidance: The easiest way to put exercise on your list of favorite things is to experience it at its best. Get on board with one of our fitness programs and we’ll show you the most effective and enjoyable techniques that will get you into the best shape of your life.
Sweet & Tangy Grilled Chicken
Serve this delicious grilled chicken at your next barbecue. The honey-mustard glaze has a wonderful tangy flavor. Remember to add healthy side dishes for a summer meal that will satisfy without weighing you down.

Servings: 6

Here’s what you need:
  • 4 Tablespoons honey
  • 4 Tablespoons spicy mustard
  • 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
  • 2 teaspoons low-sodium soy sauce
  • ½ teaspoon minced garlic
  • 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  1. Pre-heat your grill. If using coals, heat until the coals turn gray and there are no longer strong flames, 35-45 minutes.
  2. Combine honey, mustard, lemon peel, soy sauce and garlic. Mix well. Reserve a few tablespoons of the sauce. Add chicken and marinate in the refrigerator for 40 minutes.
  3. Cook the chicken 5 to 6 minutes per side. Brush with the reserved sauce, and continue cooking for an additional 3 to 4 minutes per side, until chicken registers 170 degrees F on a meat thermometer.
Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals 183 calories, 2g fat, 13g carbohydrate, 0g fiber, and 28g protein.

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Blog: My Running Story

Win money while losing weight?! (or maintaining)

It’s been awhile since I’ve promoted Krowdfit…mainly because I wasn’t really crazy about the Body Media device they used AND because you had to download your info every night rather than it being blue tooth and giving immediate feedback…

WELL THAT HAS ALL CHANGED and it couldn’t be easier now to be a member. As I’ve stated before, there are no gimmicks to this. I won $5000 last year (read that blog post or watch my 1 min video keeping in mind this was with the old Body Media device) and half the people on my team have won anywhere from $75-$250 for sleeping, taking steps and logging their food.

Continue reading here.......

Thanks to One Accord for hosting my ChiRunning workshop!

Experience Manual Physical Therapy

Happy Peeps

Hi Lisa! First let me say that I'm very excited to be finally taking part in one of your workshops! I've been wanting to for some time but the timing never seemed right.I just started training for the Boston marathon last week so seems like the perfect opportunity to get professional advice. So yes I do run.I started running on a regular basis in 2011 and completed my first Phoenix marathon in 2013 at 50 years old. I missed BQing by 6 minutes so last year I trained harder and qualified:) Unfortunately,I was diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture in July. I worked out as much as I could. I swam when on crutches and used elliptical and bike when I was finally off them. I also started lifting a bit. Found out at the same time that I have osteoporosis.The reasons I run are too numerous to list but mostly for personal satisfaction and peace of mind. I'm a little more obsessive than a recreational runner but certainly not going to win any big awards:)I did read most of the ChiRunning book a year and a half ago but got frustrated trying to figure out form by myself. I was a fairly healthy runner at the time so set it aside.Coming back into the sport after 5 months off I now know I need help. I'm running 5 days a week with minimal tibia pain but still worried I won't make it all the way to Boston.I found your site through a google search. I have been receiving and enjoying your newsletters for quite some time. Hope I didn't give you too much information:) Looking forward to the workshop next week!
Kim's email before taking ChiRunning on 1/16/15

Good Morning Lisa! I've been thinking about the questions that you asked for a few days. There was so much information presented and it takes awhile to sink in:) I thought at first that what I liked the most was being able to see what was wrong with my form and ways to improve it but as the days went by I have realized something even more "run altering". You taught me to be more mindful in my running. More present and conscious of what my body was doing and how it was feeling. Trying to recover from a tibial stress fracture has been so difficult especially with The Boston marathon hanging over my head. I haven't always been the most confident person and failing just shy of a goal would just have reaffirmed my lack of faith in myself. So I was cranking up the tunes in my ears,running the same routes at the same times of day all in the name of getting the miles in. Since attending your workshop,I have unplugged. My Nike app is still keeping score:) but silently in my pocket. I have changed up the time I leave a bit and started running around the beautiful fountain park here and greeting people again. That was one of the things I loved about running here when we first moved to Fountain Hills. I'm rediscovering my love of running and as a byproduct not the goal,getting the training miles in. I'm slowly incorporating the changes in form and have found the chirunning app very helpful to stay focused on my core and alignment. I have a long way to go in correcting my form but luckily no time limit to get it done. As you have said it's all about progress. I want to thank you so much for not only all the great information but the wakeup call. You are a wonderful instructor.It's very apparent that you truly believe in what you're teaching and that you love seeing people progress and discover just how awesome running and accomplishing goals can be. You'll be seeing me again:)
Kim's email after taking the workshop on 1/16/15

Lisa Pozzoni

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Friday 7/3 @ Fast Forward Chiropractic from 8am-12pm $115

PLEASE NOTE next ChiRunning workshop will more than likely be on 8/29

ChiPeat: This is a great way to check in with your form if you haven't seen yourself on video in awhile. After the video analysis, we will review and practice the "issues" that came up for everyone. Great way to improve your form which will impact your endurance and speed. $25

Itsy Bitsy Workout

Wake Up Call Cardio Workout - Calorie Burning Warm Up Cardio for Energy

This quick cardio workout can be used in lots of different ways. Aside from being a great way to shake off a bad mood or stiff muscles from sitting at a computer all day, it's also a great warm up routine. All muscle groups are lightly engaged, and the twelve different intervals of warm up exercises are varied enough that you could easily jump into a strength training workout for the upper or lower body, or even a high intensity interval training workout. Whatever you plan on tackling for your main workout, this warm up has likely got you covered.


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